Ingenio San Antonio implements intense monitoring of field workers’ health

Preventive health education and monitoring the physical condition of workers that plant, replant and cut cane is an essential part of the efforts carried out by a brigade of promoters that daily move around the different plantations of the agro-energetic company from Grupo Pellas, Ingenio San Antonio.

The promoters, trained by expert physicians in public health, focus their educational talks on techniques for preventing heat and sun related illnesses; early detection of signs and symptoms of dehydration; importance of drinking water and hydrating beverages; healthy lifestyles; use of personal protective equipment; hygiene, safety and health regulations at work; prevention of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The topics chosen for preventive health education of field workers are oriented towards a timely intervention for risk reduction, which although not proven, could possibly be related to altered renal function.

In order to measure the impact gained from promoters’ interventions and health education, conducting an assessment of knowledge, attitudes and practices is required, so a survey has been designed for such purposes and will be carried out during mid-harvest 2014-2015.

A routine urine sample is taken from workers, depending on their semblance, in order to control their good health condition; protective equipment is checked, fluid intake and temperature are controlled and a personal endowment of 8 liters of water per work day for each worker is ensured.

Promoters are in contact with doctors from the Alfredo Pellas Chamorro Hospital to assess whether the worker is in optimal condition to continue the workday and take appropriate measures.



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