Ingenio San Antonio develops an intensive preventive health program for farm workers

Ingenio San Antonio, an agro-energetic company from Grupo Pellas, has benefited about 20,000 farm workers in the past three years through a preventive health program offered in the workplace with the help of the Mobile Clinic, a strategic extension of the Alfredo Pellas Hospital, designed to extend, in a timely and outpatient manner, health coverage to workers in the plantation.

The Hospital Director, Dr. Alejandro Marin, announced that from 2012 to date, the Mobile Clinic has periodically performed four thousand occupational health examinations and has offered about nine thousand educational talks on best practices at work given by promoters trained by expert physicians in public health.

“The staff also has the mission to strengthen research on the processes and physiological changes of workers in their work environment, which enables them to better understand the situation and implement new prevention strategies to reduce risks of diseases caused by heat, and for which about three thousand clinical trials have been carried out with that goal in mind”, said Dr. Marin.

As part of the benefits of the Mobile Clinic, about three thousand workers have used the microclimate system or nebulizers, devices that generate a cloud of water spray on a semi-closed tent where they can rest while regulating their body temperature or get rehydrated.

During the harvest time, the Mobile Clinic circulates the different areas of field work with constant medical supervision for the staff dedicated to planting and replanting seeds, as well as manual cane cutting, an innovative initiative that earned Ingenio San Antonio a special mention during its certification process with OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series).



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