The Board of Directors of ASOCHIVIDA is grateful for the massive presence of its members who responded to the call of the organization and were present on Friday, July 26, at the general meeting to defend our office at the sit-in, and on Tuesday, July 30, at the multi-purpose arena in the municipality of Chichigalpa to give its strong support to the efforts that are being made.

It is public knowledge that not even a week had passed after the death of our President Donald Cortez when a group of 50 people who do not belong to ASOCHIVIDA and are supported by a foreign organization called La Isla burst violently into our general meeting and offices on Thursday, July 25, and tried to destroy what has cost us so much to get. What baseness to dishonor the memory of someone who fought so much for the organization. They falsely accused the CAO, Boston University and the Board of Directors of deceiving people. They called for the end of the dialogue process with NSEL and said that nobody wants food provision and they will soon be paid compensation. The usual lies…

But in this dialogue process we have always worked with the truth and truth always prevails. The Board of Directors of ASOCHIVIDA rendered accounts to the members who gathered en masse on Tuesday. The financial balance of the organization detailing the expenses and income of the organization was presented.

All the benefits that have been received, such as food provision for more than 2200 members, loans that have benefited more than 500 families, 60 houses that were built and 40 that are under construction, the peritoneal dialysis project which already has 7 patients, school backpacks, clothes and zinc sheets, the poultry farm in Nindirí which generates revenues that are granted to the members for medical or funeral expenses, as well as to cover the expenses of the Association. Our next battle is to persuade the Ministry of Health to accept a donation of 330,000 dollars offered by the San Antonio sugar mill and the German Development Bank to build a renal clinic next to the new hospital. Almost two years have passed and we have not received a response from the MOH.

Our General Assembly did not allow to be fooled. It requested to the CAO to continue supporting the dialogue with NSEL and to obtain more benefits, it asked Boston University to speed up the studies, and reaffirmed its support to the Board of Directors and to the dialogue process. It also denounced Jason Glaser of the Foundation Island for interfering in the internal affairs of ASOCHIVIDA and his intention to sow discord between brothers that suffer this disease and destroy the benefits that we have achieved. This foreign organization, which has nothing to do here, is making us fight among ourselves so that nothing is resolved.

ASOCHIVIDA is an organization of peaceful struggle and does not want violence to exist between our brothers. We have been supporting the dialogue with NSEL and trying to get more benefits while serious scientific studies are carried out to determine the cause of this disease. Those who prefer to follow other strategies can form another group and do so, but do not need to come to fight with us.

ASOCHIVIDA does all its work legally and in accordance with its statutes. This Board of Directors will complete its term in office on October 28, 2014, when new elections will be held in a public and transparent way. Until then, the Vice-President will replace our deceased Donald Cortez as President.

ASOCHIVIDA thanks Commissioner Cárcamo of Chinandega for his support and hard work and efforts to prevent violence and to ensure the safety of our members and guests. It also thanks the Mayor for being present, for providing a place for the meeting, and for expressing his commitment to support our efforts for the construction of the clinic.



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