Important housing project delivered to ASOCHIVIDA


The Chichigalpa Association for Life (ASOCHIVIDA), the most representative organization of persons with chronic renal insufficiency (CKD) of the country, received, on November 14, the first 50 houses of a housing project consisting of 100 houses built for the benefit of its members, amounting to an investment of more than half a million dollars.

The project is the result of an agreement between ASOCHIVIDA and Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited (NSEL), owner of Ingenio San Antonio, which in turn is owned by Grupo Pellas. This initiative has received the support of the Urban and Rural Housing Institute (INVUR), the municipal government of Chichigalpa, the Colmena Foundation and American Nicaraguan Foundation (ANF).

An exemplary Alliance

Chichigalpa Mayor, Victor Sevilla, described as exemplary this alliance between the private enterprise and the Government, which has responded to one of the most important needs raised by the members of ASOCHIVIDA.

“Blessed be God because today they have the key to their houses in their hands and we look forward to continuing this alliance, with this exemplary unity, coordinating efforts for the benefit of the community”, said Sevilla.

Engineer Neida Pereira, ANF’s project manager, announced that the total cost of the hundred houses amounts to 627 thousand dollars to be made in two phases. The first fifty homes delivered on this occasion represent an investment of 367,910 dollars. The second phase to complete the project will take place in land owned by the beneficiaries, which will be ready in the near future.

In this first phase, Nicaragua Sugar contributed 131,078 dollars for purchase of land, earth movement and full coverage of the counterpart funds to be provided by the beneficiaries in order to have access to a house.

For its part, INVUR and the municipality of Chichigalpa spent 100 thousand dollars, the Colmena Foundation contributed 13,500 dollars and ANF obtained from its donors the amount of 123,332 dollars, which amount, in addition to contributing to the construction of 50 houses already delivered, will be invested in the construction of latrines and wells to supply drinking water to the new neighborhood.

A crucial issue

The Administrative Director of Nicaragua Sugar, Doctor Álvaro Bermudez, expressed his satisfaction for this joint achievement in favor of ASOCHIVIDA and stated that the company he represents will support the completion of this housing project and other initiatives for the benefit of the community, in particular, research currently being conducted by Boston University to determine the causes of CKD in Nicaragua.

“The most important thing here is that we are trying to investigate the causes of this disease which has affected you, and for this, in conjunction with ASOCHIVIDA, we have selected Boston University to investigate the causes and determine why this disease is affecting not only Nicaragua, but also the entire Pacific coastal strip of Central America.  I think that is paramount in this case”, he said.

 “You can be sure that Nicaragua Sugar will be present, along with ASOCHIVIDA, in the future of each one of you, to the extent that the company is able to develop these projects,” he added.



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