Mr. Jason Glaser and La Isla Foundation have been dedicated during the past three years to deceive persons who are affected by CKD to get them fighting among each other and to prevent us from making progress in our struggle. Their actions have created violence in our community, jeopardizing the integrity of our people and our facilities, and we cannot tolerate that any longer.

Colleagues, do not be fooled by this man who says he wants to help the sick, but only does business with us and with our disease. It is time to unmask the true intentions of Glaser and his La Isla Foundation:

Glaser intimidates people who are sick. He burst into the general meeting of ASOCHIVIDA on July 28, 2012, shouting lies and carrying a camera. He says that he wants to talk with us, but then comes with microphones and threatens that he has recorded us. We have nothing to hide.

Glaser takes advantage of the sick. He films us in our sad agony in order to go out and get resources for his La Isla Foundation, and then uses those resources against us.

Glaser wants us to fight among ourselves and then appear as our savior. We must be united to fight this disease and not among ourselves.

Glaser does not respect our mourning. Our President Donald Cortez had just passed away and, instead of sending his condolences, he sent a group of people to violently disrupt our general meeting and destroy our offices.

Glaser has the arrogance to say that he speaks for our people. He sends emails to various institutions saying that he represents the interests of people who are sick, but never ever comes to meet with us on good terms. And the people he supports circulate press releases smearing the memory of our late President with vile and ruthless lies.

Glaser does not want to continue us to keep receiving food provisions and other benefits from NSEL nor wants us to continue the dialogue with the company. Who does this American think he is to come and tell us that this is the best for the sick? Does he have CKD? Does he suffer what we suffer?

Glaser falsely accuses us of corruption. He says we steal money from the sick. But our books show that our administration is transparent and that the few revenues we have are used to help our people with their medical or funeral expenses. Meanwhile, Glaser makes business with our disease, lives a life of luxury, and nobody makes him accountable. How unfair, colleagues.

Glaser deceives the sick with false promises. He supports a group of people who deceive people by saying they will pay a compensation of $140,000 to each claimant, but time passes and the lie falls under its own weight.

Glaser maniputes scientific reports. He tells people that Boston University studies have no validity and that he is preparing studies that are valid. ASOCHIVIDA chose Boston University and relies on its work. We want them to work faster, but we believe in them and not in the studies of Glaser that only serve to keep misleading us.

For all these reasons, ASOCHIVIDA denounces Jason Glaser and La Isla Foundation for interfering in the internal affairs of our organization, declares them unwelcome, and calls for their expulsion from the country and for the end of all their operations here. ASOCHIVIDA will not allow anyone to make us fight among ourselves and to arrogate the right to speak for us.



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