Boycott to Flor de Caña: Yet another refutation of ANAIRC’s campaign against Nicaragua Sugar in relation to CKD

In its defamatory campaign against Nicaragua Sugar Estates, member of the Pellas Group and owner of Ingenio San Antonio, ANAIRC has had no qualms in providing data on the number of deaths and people affected by Chronic Renal Disease (CKD) in Nicaragua that does not correspond in any way to the truth.

In a recent article, one of the soothsayers of the ANAIRC campaign referred again to thousands of “deceased former workers”, in an effort to create, with such a figure, an impact on the sensitivity of those who read his articles.

However, since facts are stubborn things, let’s see what the reality is and let’s use again as a benchmark the official data recently provided by the health authorities of the current leftist government in power in Nicaragua.

Henry Beteta, Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, stated last April that up to three people die each year of chronic kidney failure in Nicaragua.


This statistic has nothing to do with the thousands of victims and deaths that ANAIRC and its spokespersons talk about, which once again leads us to think that those sectors in Nicaragua that have stated that this organization lacks the most minimal seriousness and is based on false assumptions for the sole purpose of obtaining lucrative profits for its promoters are right.

As Cicero said in his famous speech to Catalina: “How long, Catalina, will you abuse our patience?”

The same could be said of some people who without any scruple provide untruthful information about a health issue that deserves serious consideration out of respect for those who are affected.



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