Nicaragua Sugar and CKD: CKD patients receive humanitarian aid

As a result of the dialogue process that Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited (owner of Ingenio San Antonio and part of the Pellas Group) has been holding for several months with the Association of Chichigalpa for Life (ASOCHIVIDA), the most important organization of CKD patients in the west of Nicaragua, the company, within its social responsibility policy framework, has begun to provide humanitarian aid to alleviate the situation of CKD patients and their families, without any legal obligation other than the goodwill that stimulates both parties.

Thus Nicaragua Sugar is currently granting a food subsidy to 1,800 CKD patients and recently made a first delivery of funds to the Chichigalpa Mayor’s Office as part of an initiative to provide decent housing to the people afflicted by this disease.

Ezekiel Ramírez, President of ASOCHIVIDA, in recent statements to the media, highlighted the importance of the dialogue process between this association and Nicaragua Sugar in referring to the humanitarian aid they have received to date from the company.

The ASOCHIVIDA President also expressed the satisfaction felt by the affected people with the first results achieved through this dialogue: “They are very happy as help is beginning to reach the sick”, he said. “We have an agreement signed with the company to resolve all these problems. A study will be conducted to determine the causes of CKD”, he stated.

In contrast to the false statements made by the Nicaraguan Association of People Affected by Chronic Renal Failure (ANAIRC) that seeks to obtain unjustified monetary compensation from Nicaragua Sugar through a discrediting and disinformation campaign, ASOCHIVIDA, instead of proposing a boycott against the Pellas Group and Flor de Caña opted to dialogue with the company in order to jointly address this health issue that is affecting the population in the west. Today this dialogue is bearing fruit.

With the aim of making known the truth about these issues, Nicaragua Sugar has created a website called Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited and Chronic Kidney Failure. The address is In addition, Nicaragua Sugar’s official website contains abundant information on the company’s productive and social responsibility practices. The address of this website is

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